Best fire extinguisher for home

The presence of fire extinguishers is mandatory not only in vehicles and public places but also in apartments and homes. However, many people ignore such an important detail, which means that no one is protected from fires and emergencies. Strangely, because the best home fire extinguisher can save property, valuables and human life itself.

Before you decide with the best fire extinguisher for your home, you need to understand how fire extinguishers work and how to use them correctly. In this article, you will learn about the models of the best fire extinguisher for home use in 2018, as well as the main principles of operation and characteristics of these devices.

Reviews of the Top-Quality Fire Extinguishers for Home in 2018

Having set out to protect themselves and their families from accidental and intentional fires, many buyers go to the specialized stores to buy the best fire extinguisher for the home. There, they find a relatively extensive range of available models, which means some difficulty selecting the suitable device. So what is the best fire extinguisher for the house? Learn it now by looking through our relevant home fire extinguisher reviews presented below.

The most durable:Amerex B500 ABC

Amerex B500

The best, in my opinion, the best home fire extinguisher is the Amerex B500 ABC. This fire-extinguishing device is trendy due to its high-quality performance, durability, and ease of use at home. It has a small but reliable design, its weight is only about 10 pounds, and accordingly, it’s convenient to hold in hand. Amerex is classified as an A-B-C fire extinguisher, that means an ability to cope with average domestic fires, flammable liquids, and electric fires. With the use of its long hose, metal handle and trigger, the owner can evenly extinguish burning areas within 14 seconds.

  • Includes all-metal valves and components.
  • A 14-second discharge.
  • A user-friendly extinguisher that provides smooth operation.
  • Comes with a wall bracket and pressure gauge.
  • A limited warranty of 6 years.
  • Insubstantial wall mount.
  • Sometimes is delivered partially charged.
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Widespread Use: First Alert Rechargeable Standard

First Alert Rechargeable Standard

If you’re seeking a professional device in the area of fire safety, I recommend you consider products from the First Alert. This manufacturer is focused on providing people with reliable fire extinguishers to protect their lives and property in dangerous situations. One such innovative appliance device is the First Alert, intended for general home use and other purposes. This best fire extinguisher for a home can fight with paper, wood, fabric, plastic fires, oil and gasoline fires, as well as electric and flammable liquid fires and performs it properly. First Alert also meets UL standards and U.S. Coast Guard standards.

  • A UL-rated first-class small fire extinguisher for home use.
  • Features a pressure gauge trigger.
  • Equipped with a mounting bracket ready to reach.
  • Meets all necessary safety standards.
  • May arrive non-charged.
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The multipurpose extinguisher: First Alert 4-Pk

First Alert 4-Pk

The next effective fire extinguisher from First Alert, which is suitable for use in any home environment, is First Alert 4-Pk. This fire-extinguishing device fights various types of fires thanks to a robust metal case and corrosion-resistant gauge. First Alert 4-Pk is 1-A10-BC rated and meets significant UL standards so that you will not worry about its quality and operation.

  • Has a solid metal head.
  • Has a secure mounting bracket.
  • A cylinder material steel.
  • Includes a metal pull pin with safety seal.
  • Comes pre-charged.
  • Features user-friendly instructions.
  • Is not rechargeable.
  • Mounting screws are not included.
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Multiple Use: Kidde Pro 210

Kidde Pro 210

Kidde Pro 210 is a durable, efficient and compact chemical extinguisher designed to eliminate liquid, electrical, conventional and other fires. Kidde Pro 210 weighs only 7 pounds and contains 4 pounds of fire-extinguishing chemical powder, which means it doesn’t take up much space in your house. This extinguisher is made for multiple uses, which is confirmed by the manufacturer that offers a six-year limited warranty. Kidde Pro 210 is in no way inferior to its predecessors in the list, as it is UL-rated and has a rating of 2A, 10B-C.

  • Lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum body.
  • Equipped with a pressure gauge and a wall mount.
  • Has a decent chrome trigger.
  • Includes an easy-to-read instruction label.
  • Can be recharged easily.
  • Is often delivered half charged or discharged.
  • No expiration information included.
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The Most Powerful: Amerex B402

Amerex B402
Amerex B402 is an ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher, made according to the UL standards and rated 3A:40B:C. Amerex B402 can fight fires caused by flammable liquids, electrical equipment, ordinary combustibles, and others. With the 14 seconds of discharge time and 5lb capacity, as well as a metal valve and aluminum handle, this home fire extinguisher can compete with other high-quality home fire extinguishers easily.

  • Multipurpose and properly designed device.
  • Provides quick and smooth operation.
  • Has a steel cylinder, and aluminum valve and handle.
  • 14 sec. discharge time, 18ft. range.
  • Allows to re-charging.
  • Includes a wall bracket.
  • Not enough in-store availability.
  • Low-quality mounting bracket.
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Buying Guide

If you want to increase the safety, you should consider all possible ways to keep your house safe and secure. The first right decision would be to order a high-quality home fire extinguisher. In this section, you will be informed about the basic ways of how home fire extinguishers operate, learn how to use and where to place a fire extinguisher, and discover the criterion to select the best home fire extinguisher.

The Suitable Size of a Home Fire Extinguisher

The buyer should consider all the necessary criteria relating to these devices. Several types of fire extinguishers are sort by their weight:

  • the two-pound fire extinguisher

This fire extinguisher is best for a car; it’s a disposable and small fire extinguisher for a home that is well attached with the help of fastening equipment. If you want to store such a fire extinguisher in the house, for example, above the stove in the kitchen, in the garage, or in the home workshop, choose the most unsafe places so that in case of fire, the fire extinguisher would always be at hand.

  • the five-pound fire extinguisher

But the five-pound fire extinguisher by its size is just more suitable for the house since it contains more fire-extinguishing substance to fight larger fires. The best five-pound home fire extinguisher is available rechargeable and is sold together with a hose for greater convenience. It is recommended to keep the best fire extinguisher for home use in the kitchen or the laundry.

  • the ten-pound fire extinguisher

The largest fire extinguisher is suitable for buildings with a large area, such as a garage or a home workshop. In such places, the fire most often grows faster before it is noticed. So if you have a garage, store a ten-pound home fire extinguisher directly in that place for easy access.

Finding a Right Place for Your Fire Extinguisher

Selecting the location of the best fire extinguisher for home use is an important decision for its owner since his/her safety depends on this. The most important rules: store the fire extinguisher at hand, not in a conspicuous place, but in possible places of ignition. The fire extinguisher should not interfere with your daily life but save from a fire in a matter of seconds.

The Suitable Size of a Home Fire Extinguisher

Many users decide to hide it behind curtains, or in a closet, but this is wrong because such things quickly light up and accordingly it becomes impossible to get a fire extinguisher. Therefore, my recommendation will be to store a home fire extinguisher on each floor of the house, and preferably close to the sources of fire, like near the fireplace, in the kitchen, garage, and other places.

Reading the Label

When buying the best home fire extinguisher, carefully inspect the label. The brand usually, indicates the class A, B or C of the fire extinguisher, that is, with what types of fire it fights.

  • Class A consists of ordinary combustible materials such as paper, wood, and fabric
  • Class B means flammable liquids, for example, vegetable oil or gasoline
  • Class C covers fires caused by live electricity

Usually, on this label, these letters accompany certain numbers, like 4-A: 20-B: C, which indicates the level of efficiency of a particular fire extinguisher.


Now it is time for a summary. There are many types of home fire extinguishers – they differ in size, design, capacity, and effectiveness. Make sure you choose carefully by covering all important features and criteria of the fire extinguisher. I hope you will consider this guide when deciding on the best type of fire extinguisher for a home that will suits you perfectly.

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