Best Socket Organizer reviews

Best Socket Organizer reviews

When scoping out the Web in the quest for the best socket organizer, consider some of their peculiarities to handle any home repair and renovation tasks. Sockets are small; some of them are really tiny and take seconds to be lost. The socket organization may be a challenge that’s why it needs a well-informed decision to pick the right organizer box.

The following reviews shed light on high-quality models with various options and features.

Socket Organizer Reviews

Olsa Tools Pcs Kit – Variety of Positions, High Flexibility

Olsa Tools Pcs Kit
This socket organizer box is delivered in the 2-colored anodized finish with the rubberized end caps. All three units are rather long – 17.25 inches. Each rail in the set includes 16 clips. The rails do not possess a magnet and the ID stickers are absent.

It provides the painless storage of sockets from 1/2 to 1/4 inches. The clips fix them in place hassle-free and will keep them on the unit even in upside down position. Besides, one can put on and take out them fast and smoothly.

The rail clips move on and off to put different drive sizes on one rail, for instance, Torx screwdrivers that are 1/2, 3/8 and ¼-inch drive. The kit comes with a keyhole port that facilitates mounting the rail vertically to the wall or workbench.

  • Reliable aluminum rail construction prevents bowing under the weight of some heavy sockets.
  • It’s compatible with both shallow and deep sockets.
  • The additional holders are impossible to come by in order to add them to the rail.
  • Not the whole assembly aluminum but the rail only.

ARES 70204 – Lifetime Product Extendable with the Extra Organizers

ARES 70204
This tool socket organizer comes with the rails that are 0.9-inch wide on the outermost point and 0.62-inch in the grove. The clips are 1.02-inch wide on the outermost point. The overall length of the rail is 17 inches that are long enough to have extra space on them after the sockets are loaded onto them.

It supports 12 Snap-On impact swivel sockets from 0.39 to 0.83 and 0.94 inches if they’re 1/2 -inch drive. If they’re ⅜ inches in size, ⅜ inches clips should be added. The rails are not magnetic at the bottom. However, it could become the best socket organizer because it holds sockets in place no matter which way they’re turned – facing or opposing each other.

The unit is made of high-quality, powder-coated aluminum, and plastic with spring-retention for the sockets. Such construction allows bearing knocks, scratches, and corrosion. The sockets holders keep the sockets on tightly. When sockets attach and detach an affirming snap is audible.

  • Great color options.
  • The socket clip sizes are interchangeable.
  • Some extra end caps to cut the rails for putting the caps on the shorter segments would be great.
  • The end caps can fall off easily.

Mechanic’s Time Savers MTSLASTRAY – Lock-a-Socket Tray for Handymen and PROs

Mechanic’s Time Savers MTSLASTRAY
A large socket organizer was designed to hold 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 sockets. It comes with 5 rows and the capacity of 76 sockets. It’s an all-in-one product to serve any home or professional mechanic, as well as DIYer.

The 1/2 and 3/8 rows will hold a full row of impact sockets (one set in each row). It doesn’t feature a magnetic tray, but still, it uses locking cams to hold sockets in place. For this purpose, just turn the socket to the right 90 degrees.

The toolbox socket organizer has a heavy-duty full metal base that is made of 16-gauge powder coated steel to provide durability. Locking posts are interchangeable for customization and can be bought separately.

  • The spaces in the middle are perfect for extensions to lay in.
  • Rubber feet at the bottom to provide a good grip on the surface.
  • Two swivel handles to carry the tray easily.
  • There’s no opportunity to grab one row at a time, so, it’s possible to take the whole tray only.

Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss 3-Rail – Perfect Twist/Lock Mechanism, Removable Rails

Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss 3-Rail
This unit holds 45 sockets and it’s the best way to organize sockets because it comes with the removable individual rails. This feature allows taking the whole ¼-inch socket rail in a carry bag when working away from the box. Moreover, it’s easy to remove individual rails and to put them back on the tray, unlike any cheap socket organizer that requires a screwdriver for this purpose.

It’s possible to use impact sockets for this rack. Note that the lock requires a ¼-twist only that is quite easy to use, but the socket should have a small indent inside for the lock to catch. The tray isn’t magnetic, but it has some slots underneath to slide and lock it on a bolt head. The clip snaps on to the rail are plastic and the “teeth” on the sides hold them in place.

  • Clips can be replaced, as well as removed, added, and positioned that makes organizing efficient.
  • The tray holds the racks safely without taking up too much space.
  • Plastic elements are not reinforced with carbon.

Hansen Global 92000 – Plastic but Sturdy, Cheap but Efficient

Hansen Global 92000
This kit is made of a durable ABS plastic that resists oil and gas. The max height drawer the unit fits in is dependable on the tray. For example, ¼-inch trays are 2 7/16-inch tall, ⅜-inch trays are 2 15/16-inch tall, and ½-inch trays are 3 11/16-inch tall. So, each tray needs the drawer with the same height.

The holder’s front row is designed for the shallow sockets, and the rear one has taller prongs for deep sockets. The red holders are SAE and the gray ones are Metric. The trays are marked clearly to understand what size the socket is. All the posts are distributed well-considered. Note that the set is rather tall and may not fit shallow drawers.

  • It is able to hold both the regular and deep sockets.
  • Can hold impact sockets.
  • It’s impossible to carry the holder around or turn it upside down. It should stand up and stay in the socket drawer only.
  • The base isn’t magnetic.

Lisle 40120 – Magnetic Compact Model with the Comfortable Handles

Lisle 40120
This organizer is designed to hold 26 sockets up to ⅝ inches (13 deep and 13 regular ones) and is made of sturdy ABS plastic. The bulky home-depot sockets also fit in slots. It features a red finish and a magnetic bottom. That’s great because the majority of products in this price category cannot boast magnets. They are powerful enough to hold the sockets safely in the tray and hold the tray to any metal surface. Besides, the magnets provide easy socket removal and replacement. They don’t lose their strength and hold the sockets firmly over time.

The unit is short enough to fit a small drawer; so, one can store it easily in any types of drawers. The sides of the sockets are visible and their sizes can be written on the holder with a felt-tip pen.

  • The handles are large enough to carry the set with gloves on and they can be cut off easily without compromising function to save space in the toolbox.
  • Not very long to contain many sockets. Could be enough for DIY but not for professional use.
  • No opportunity to differentiate metric and standard at a glance.

MLTOOLS Socket Organizer T8252 – Twist Lock System and Individual Rails

MLTOOLS Socket Organizer T8252
This product is made of firm plastic and it is 20 inches long, 5-inch wide, and ½-inch high, but the height will increase when the sockets will be added. The plastic is of high quality – it’s heavy enough to prevent any movement and lets the holder stay flat without warping. Any rail can be removed from the tray separately and it’s possible to add more clips to the rails to add or replace sockets if necessary.

This model has no magnets, but still, it comes with the reliable twist lock system. Both red and blue trays are included for standard and metric respectively. There’re stickers (both metric and SAE) that to allow labeling each socket with the correct size. They’re large enough to see what size socket at whatever angle to look at.

  • It fits well the drawers of both medium and large depth.
  • The holder has a quick release function to take out a whole rail of sockets.
  • The 3/8 and ¼-inch sockets leave a lot of space where more sockets could be put on.
  • There are two colors only that means less sufficiency for many types of sockets (Torx bit, hex bit, square, etc.).

Buyers Guide

Socket Organizer – What Is It

Various types of car repairs or renovations mean using a great diversity of tools to use, in particular, the sockets. As there are dozens of their design and construction, they should be collected together to be within our reach. A socket organizer is an item that does this job. Besides, it provides a clear organization and frees the master’s time for the main task.
Manufacturers produce various models in terms of shape, materials, dimensions, and functionality. Some products have steel or aluminum building, and the others (generally the cheapest units) are plastic. Each model fits the sockets of definite types and sizes. They may have magnets or a lock twist system to fix the sockets properly.

Some socket holders are produced as drawer inserts. They are usually heavy and large that’s why cannot be carried around, but they have good capacity. Pouch organizers are straightforward and convenient but lack a good organization. Tray containers boast the most efficient organization and compact construction.

Reasons for Having a Socket Organizer

Such straightforward and handy goods offer the wisest solution for the tool arrangements. The holders let us see and grab the necessary socket in a second because it is known exactly where each particular socket is placed. Besides, the danger to lose any socket completely dissipates. Thus, the saving is self-evident.

Socket organizers help escape disorder in the toolbox and let the master find not only a socket but also any other small tool. Color and other types of labeling allow categorizing the sockets to arrange convenient logical sequence individually.

Proper Socket Organizer Features

When searching for the best socket holder, one should pay attention to the following crucial criteria.

  • How portable a holder is? The portability will be different for different users as it depends on personal requirements. If there’s no need to move the sockets, but there’s a need to have plenty of them, large drawer inserts or trays with many rows are recommended.
  • Is it possible to mount a holder in different ways? This question is typical for those who lack space. Some units can be attached to a workbench or a wall and the worth attention. However, if the wall mounting isn’t important, one can find a high-quality item to put it horizontally only.
  • Is Storage capacity is also crucial? It depends on your needs and budget. Consider the number of sockets to store in order to pick some trays or a product with smaller options. However, the master’s need can scale that makes it wise to get the organizer with the highest storage capacity within a budget.
  • How to find out the long-lasting kit? The feature to consider while looking for the best socket organizers is durability. The holder should be made of high-quality steel/aluminum or reinforced ABS plastic. Keep in mind the design that provides the ability to hold sockets securely in their places.
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