How to Keep Fire Safety in Home

Fire Safety Equipment

The key causes of the fires are: unlucky cigarette butts laid by ashtrays, or those that fell from the hands of a person who was in a drunken state or a cigarette butt, casually thrown from the balcony, candles, included electric heaters, electric ovens left unattended, faulty wiring, which simply did not withstand the load of electrical appliances, the misery of children with fire left unattended, violation of the rules for the operation of stove heating, the installation and operation of household gas appliances and gas cylinders on the liquefied gas with

To prevent a fire in your homes and apartments, you are advised to use the best fire extinguisher for kitchen and follow the following basic fire prevention tips (home fire prevention tips):

  • To protect the power supply from short circuits and overloads, install a protective device with a rated voltage, automatic fuses or fuses with calibrated fuse inserts of factory production. Do not allow uncalibrated fuse inserts in electric current fuses;
  • Replace wiring with damaged insulation or such that during its operation it has lost its powerful protective properties;
  • Eliminate poor contact in the electrical wiring area, repair broken and defective electrical switches and sockets. When repairing the power grid, contact only the qualified staff who deal with these issues;
  • Avoid using non-certified and self-made heating appliances, gas cookers for heating premises;
  • Do not leave the heating system, TV, iron and other items unattended unchecked. When leaving home, turn them off;
  • To heat the premises use oil heaters or convectors with closed heating elements, which have individual electrical protection and a thermostat with automatic shut-off function;
  • The distance from the heaters to combustible materials and structures should be at least half a meter;
  • Avoid overloading the electrical system, do not turn on many household appliances at high power at the same time;
  • Do not use self-made or defective extension cords that do not comply with the regulations for the installation of electrical installations for portable electrical wiring. Use only qualified factory extensions purchased in specialized stores specializing in the sale of this equipment.

How to prevent house fires: fully adhere to the fire safety rules when using individual heating systems and furnace heating systems in homes. All heating devices should be checked and repaired, chimneys cleaned of soot. When installing gas cylinders for the supply of gas from the kitchen and other plates, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the requirements of safety rules in the gas industry and construction norms for gas supply. It is strictly forbidden to store cylinders with liquefied gas in buildings, especially if it is dangerous for the rolling of low-temperature cylinders in a warm room that can be brought to their depressurization and subsequent explosion. Do not leave children underage without adult care, keep lighters and matches out of sight of children and inaccessible places. It is not desirable to store flammable and flammable liquids in the house, gas cylinders and other dangerous items. Do not smoke in bed, because smoking in bed is one of the main causes of deaths in fires on residential buildings.

Fire fighting (home fire safety)

It is easier to prevent the fire than to extinguish it, but it is still important to act correctly in the event of a fire, namely: in the event of a fire (the first signs of burning in your home), you must immediately notify the fire department of the fire. You must specify an address, specify the number of floors of the building, the place of the fire, the spread of the fire, the presence of people and answer all the questions that will be put to you by the fire officer, who will take measures with measures related to evacuation of people, extinguishing (localization ) fires and the preservation of material values.

For fire safety follow the advice of experienced specialists specializing in the prevention of fires:

  • Throw away all the junk from home. In the first place, it is necessary to clean the balconies and stairwells. Often, the balconies are not flammable due to the inhabitants; the cigarette butts are rolled out due to fires;
  • View all household appliances. Defective electrical appliances and heaters often become one of the most common causes of fires in the house. Timely fixes and simple adherence to safety rules when used will help you to get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary problems. I would like to note that a very important point is the suitability of electrical wiring, the state of switches, sockets and other electrical elements;
  • Keep emergency exits open. Emergency exits should be available at any moment. The following exits should be provided in the projects of all residential buildings. According to all rules of fire safety, emergency exits and stairways should be exempted from unnecessary items that are stored on them. A clear plan of fire exits must be drawn up;
  • Install a fire alarm system. One of the most urgent methods of fire safety is the installation of smoke detectors. These miniature devices, which in the case of indoor smoke give a signal, also, it will be superfluous to establish a connection of the device with a fire alarm point, which will instantly respond to the call;
  • Purchase a fire extinguisher. In each dwelling house, there must be 2 types of fire extinguishers – powder and carbon dioxide. A powder fire extinguisher is considered universal, it is necessary to combat any kind of fire. Carbonic acid is better to use in cases where it is necessary to extinguish a fire on electric appliances, for example, a tablet, a computer, a laptop, a large plasma TV. It should be installed near home appliances in the house;
  • Install a fire cock. As an additional means of fire safety, you can use a fire crane, which is recommended to install on pipes in the toilet room. This is a simple hose that will help you cope with the current ignition in your home, if necessary;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems. The legislation provides for the mandatory installation of such systems in public places. It should be noted that the setting of such a system in the ordinary apartment will take a long time, there will be many difficult difficulties, but at the stage of building a private house, it will be superfluous to design such a system, it will effectively eliminate the fire ignition;
  • Fire insurance. Ensuring your property in case of a fire is a very smart decision for every person. Insurance is relatively inexpensive. In some situations, it is the only salvation to eliminate the effects of a fire.
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