How to Make Shelf Brackets Out of Wood – Time To Get Creative

Wooden Shelf Brackets

I made this short manual clear and simple for a novice to understand how to make wooden shelf brackets. I believe my humble tutorial will be relevant for experienced carpenters as well.
Let’s start with examining the garage to make sure you have all the inventory needed for building your very own homemade shelf brackets. Prepare the following:

  • A crosscut or a chop saw for carving. Your regular small hobby one will do just fine
  • Cut resistant carving gloves for your hands’ safety
  • Two 2×6 inch wooden boards that will make future brackets
  • Scissors for cutting the paper
  • 2×6 inch paper for making a stencil
  • Pencil for lining out a stencil
  • Drill for making nail holes
  • Clamps for holding the brackets
  • Sandpaper 100 and 180 grits, approximately. For sanding out the edges

Step 1

Make sure that the wooden boards have even rectangular ends. They should be smooth and prepared for further processing. No matter if you cut the pieces out by yourself or buy them the proper sizing.
Make a shelf brackets carving a design on the piece of paper. Show it to the rest of the family to make sure that they approve it. Make sure you do not make the bracket walls too thin. The top and bottom edges should be 2 and 6 inches long.

Step 2

Now it is time to put your cutting resistant safety gloves on. Many hobbyists overlook this step but I am all for safety no matter how experienced and confident you are. The gloves should be of the right size and be convenient for you.
Put the stencil on the piece of wood. Hold them firmly together and start carving with an electric jigsaw or a crosscut. Take your time and be careful. It is better to take your time than to spoil the wood. Do the same with the second wood piece.
Work around the edges with the sandpaper. First, use 100 grit then 180 grit sandpaper. Continue until the sides are smooth and even. Check every time.

Step 3

Use bench clamps to hold the bracket with edges up. Drill two holes in the 6-inch edge. The should be 2 inches apart and no less than half an inch space left to the lower edge.
Now your carving is ready. Making shelf brackets was not as complicated as you might think. I did my best to make the manual easy and simple for both experienced carpenters and rookies.


These brackets are not only for your basement or garage shelves. Use them for decorating the interior of your living room, hall or kitchen as well. The rustic style is timeless and homemade furniture pieces look very stylish and timeless.
If you build things with your own hands you can be completely certain of the quality and materials. Another cool thing is that you can do it together with your kids and relatives. It is an amazing opportunity for bonding time.

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