Top 5 Ways On How To Organize Sockets

How to organize sockets

There are tons of diverse ways to store sockets. Some people prefer to keep them in a holder that comes along with the sockets, someone just place them in a toolbox. However, keeping sockets in special organizer will make your workplace clean. There are a lot of organizers for any taste, so it’s not hard to choose your best socket organizer.

#1 The Factory Socket Holder

The factory socket holders are commonly the plastic holders that come together with the sockets that you buy. This is definitely one the easiest ways to place sockets, as you don’t need to be puzzled about where to put them. It holds up sockets hard enough (especially the shallow ones), and they all are labeled so you will know exactly which socket you’re taking. One of the disadvantages of this one is that it will only be able to fit the sockets that you bought: because of the shape and diameter, it won’t really store any other sockets. Plus, the cheap plastic won’t serve too long.

#2 The Foam Socket Holder

One of the great things about storing sockets in the foam is that it holds them fixedly and you can see them all – it has a perfect form for each socket. In addition, it’s also labeled, and each socket has its location, so things get put back exactly where they came from. It’s also a kind of a limited way on how to organize sockets: the foam holder is very tight, and it will be difficult to rearrange sockets once they’re set in the foam. A setup like this is designed specifically for the box.

#3 The Aluminum Socket Storage Tray

This one is a storage rack that is also labeled for all the socket sizes at the bottom. The really good thing about the socket storage is that it holds up sockets very tight, and no matter what, they will stay right where they are supposed to stay. So if you are planning to use this as a socket tray to pick up and carry around, this one may be the best way to organize sockets. Notwithstanding that it’s really meant to be in a drawer of a toolbox. It is can fit not only just regular sockets, but also things like a torque spit, and this is what sets it apart from other plastic holders. Plus, it cleans up very easy.

#4 The Plastic Socket Rack

This is a cheap alternative to any socket storage that is made from metal. They’re really similar, but this one is a plastic-made and is obviously prone to break. However, it’s definitely much cheaper than the metal one, and it also holds up sockets tight enough. Especially, the half-inch sockets, but for smaller ones may be a weak holder. So if you definitely don’t want to spend much money on a tight socket organizer, but all the same would like to get one, this option is among the suitable ones.

#5 The Universal Multi Drive Holder

A universal multi drive holder is made from nickel and has all the various drives to organize socket set. You can put a bunch of sockets on and it doesn’t matter what brand they are because it does hold them by the drive. In fact, you can even put extensions on there if you’d like to, and whatever any other tools you want to put, and it will hold them all. They also usually have a handle, so it’s really convenient if you need to carry the holder a lot.

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