What You Need to Know Befor Choosing a Small Car Fire Extinguisher

Small Car Fire Extinguisher

At first sight, it is so easy to choose an automobile fire extinguisher. Most people consider it to be just a way to successfully pass a vehicle inspection or the reason to feel more confident during the police vehicle inspection, but you never know when you might need it as modern vehicles are full of electronic devices that can easily serve as an ignition source. So, read the information below to select the best auto fire extinguisher.

Classes of Fire it Should Deal With

The four major types of fire in a car:

  • Class A Fires – paper, wood, textile, etc.
  • Class B Fires – inflammable and combustible liquids (petrol, diesel, etc.)
  • Class C Fires – burnable gases
  • Class D Fires – flammable metals

The Appropriate Types

Your car fire extinguisher must deal with each potential sort of flame danger. Yes, you can place foam extinguisher in your car, but the advantages of an ABC Dry Powder fire extinguisher are much more significant than of foam as it may be used on flammable liquids and combustible solids (the textiles found in any car’s interior). It is also suitable for any kinds of electrical devices inflammation, though you can also use a carbon dioxide extinguisher that is perfect for this class of fire too, but this type is usually quite big in size and not suitable for the car. So, dry powder fire extinguishers are able to cope with all types of inflammation and are the most appropriate choice for your vehicle. Additionally, there are the most generally accessible.

Automobile fire extinguisher

What Size Should it Be?

A small fire extinguisher for cars – two-pound or four-pound – are the most highly recommended as they are light enough to handle easily and small enough to fit in a car. Besides, there are adequate and extremely affordable. Smaller extinguishers also could be called suitable for the car, but may not be so effective. Remember that two-pound extinguisher has an average discharge time of 6 seconds and four-pound extinguisher has an average discharge time of 10 seconds. Take into consideration also the size of your car when choosing an extinguisher. A small car fire extinguisher is most used in all types of vehicles though, regardless of their size.

Where to Keep Your Fire Extinguisher?

Perhaps you think the best place to put it is the trunk of your car, but it’s better to keep it within the reach of the driver, under the driver’s seat or front passenger seat. Keep in mind that the extinguisher should be reliably set up to avoid any unwilled discharge. Pick an extinguisher with a mounting bracket which will allow for simple and secure and fixing.

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