How to Use 12V Air Compressor

12V Air Compressor

A 12V air compressor is a must-have for professionals and amateurs who work with pneumatic equipment. However, it is not the easiest tool in operation. That is why you may search for best 12v air compressor. A lot of companies also use the compressed air for various purposes. At some enterprises, it is used for coating various surfaces, at other ones – for providing the operation of stamping equipment.

The air compressor can be defined as a device designed to compress gases and pump them to consumer. How does it work? The working principle is quite simple: the atmospheric air enters the mechanism that performs its compression (different methods can be used for this). Basically, this equipment compresses the air and supplies it under pressure to the working mechanism.

Safety Tips Before Using An Air Compressor

Before using such equipment, it is necessary to remember about safety, as even an air compressor with 12v can be dangerous for the inexperienced user. Be sure to remember that the compressor can be a factor in creating a hazardous situation. In order to prevent compressor breakdown and not be injured during its exploitation, you must follow a bunch of rules:

  1. Do a visual inspection of the device in terms to find damage or foreign objects on it.
  2. Check the availability of the grounding.
  3. Check the lubricant levels.
  4. Turn on the cooling system and check its good condition.
  5. Check the serviceability of instrumentation and automatic systems (if they are provided for by the model).
  6. Monitor the positions of the valves and ballasts.

How to Use a 12v Air Compressor

Step #1: How to prepare the tool for work

Install the wheels and damping support, remove the plug on the compressor’s head, and install the suction filter if it’s not installed. Remove the cap on the crankcase cover and insert the oil level gauge. Make sure that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on the level indicator. Check the mains voltage to be the same with the voltage of the technical data of the compressor.

Step #2: How to work an air compressor

After completion of the installation operations, the equipment is ready for work. Check if the switch is on the “ON” position. Insert the plug into the mains socket and turn on the compressor using the main switch on the pressure switch. If you start the compressor for the first time, let it run for about 10 minutes with the air valves fully open. After this, close the tap and make sure that the compressor injects air to the receiver and stops automatically when the maximum pressure is reached.

Step #3: How to adjust the pressure

To use the compressor correctly, monitor the optimal pressure for your precise model. Using a reducer, adjust the air pressure to the desired value: when you turn the knob clockwise, the pressure increases, while turning it counterclockwise, the pressure decreases. The pressure value is displayed on the pressure gauge.

Step #4: How to shutdown a 12V air compressor

Never turn off the compressor by removing the plug from the power outlet. To turn it off correctly, use the switch installed on the pressure switch, setting it to the “OFF” position.
The correct work of the compressor is indicated by: the whistle of the compressed air during each stop of the motor; long whistle (about 20-30 sec) every time the compressor is turned on.

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