How to Use an Electric Can Opener – 5 Easy Steps

How to Use an Electric Can Opener

Look through the manual of your electric can opener. Some of them are designed to be used on the even solid table top surface. In that case, you just need to place it on your cooking surface.

Another typical can opener machine design is a cabinet mount. Some models have a special type of fitting on top so it can be conveniently attached to the bottom of the cabinet. Both options are really convenient to the end choice is up to your personal preferences and budget.
No matter what tin opener you have each one of them is very easy and simple to operate. Follow these simple steps and you will easily become a pro in the kitchen.

Phase 1

A regular opener starts to work as you start rotating the handle. It comprises a gear system which brings a serrated disk to the motion thus rotating the tin while trimming the lid of it with a sharp blade.
But an electric one does all the job for you. You just need to plug in the opener and the electric drive will rotate the tin for you. Now you understand the basics of the can opener operation principle.

Phase 2

Let’s get down to the practical part. Take a tin and place it into the opener. Put it right under the trimming blade right in the holder. Make sure it is tightly secured so it won’t slip away. No worries even if it slips there will be no harm to the device.

As you push the handle to activate the tin opener you will see the small blade going down to slice through the top lid side of the tin. Right after that, the serrated gears start rotating the tin in order to thoroughly and evenly trim through the top. Most of the electric openers are pretty quick and watching them tin be pretty entertaining especially if you have kids in the house.

Phase 3

Some devices have an automatic turn off switch that works when the tin is trim open all the way through the top. Other openers stop when you pull the lever up.

Another cool feature that some brands have is a tiny magnet on top. So when you lift up the lid or take the tin out the top of the tin remains attached to the small magnet making it easier to get rid of it.

Phase 5

Check the trimming blade for the food remains. Make sure to keep it clean and tidy so it won’t rust. In some cases, you can also remove the blade together with the gear and clean it of all the shavings. Be careful because it is quite sharp. You tin use dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush in order to maintain the blade clean and hygienic.

Add a little bit of lubricant to keep the gear mechanisms working longer. Now you know everything about how to use electric can opener. Do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and comments down below and if you feel like certain points were not covered certainly share it with me.

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